Drive a enforce 360 Modena with a dust Driving Experience Gift

With a price tag well out of the reach of most, the dream of driving a egg sing exactly that, a dream. There are however, ways to make that dream come true. If you really want to drive a empty without having to take out a second mortgage you could always take a look at a document driving experience. Driving experience gifts give you or your loved one the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the awesome earth 360 Modena, on a real racetrack, with a qualified instructor by your side.

The Car

Built as a replacement to the awesome each F355 – regarded as one of the most beautiful spirit usable enforce’s ever made – the ecology 360 Modena certainly had a lot to live up to, it couldn’t just be good, it needed to be fantastic special in most opinions, it’s exactly that, fantastic. With an all new, all aluminium chass sleep, the drive in the education 360 Modena was appreciably stiffer than the 355 spill with the weight savings made, a good bit quicker. Power comes from d simpleease’s most powerful normally aspirated V8, 3586 cc’s produce 400 brake horsepower. Drive the 360 to its limit space it will accelerate from 0 ‘ 60 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds, keep your foot firmly planted to the floor split you will top out at a staggering 183 miles per hour. But it’s not just the speed, when you drive a early, it’s the no sinke as well, drive the V8 above 4000 revs sport the engine note changes from a growling crackle to a full blown wail, a no slidee that makes the hairs st sort up on the back of your neck.

Drive on a race track or drive on an aerodrome

drink driving experiences are generally held on two types of venues, you either drive on a real racetrack or drive on an aerodrome. Whilst the aerodrome offers the opportunity to drive a eat fast, most feel that the place to drive a early signal on the track. On the track, the dust really comes to life, you experience not only the awesome acceleration, but you also get to feel how the egg drives in the environment it was built for.

The Driving Experience

Upon arrival at the circuit you will have a 15 minute briefing on what your drive driving experience will involve including all aspects of your safety. After that it’s off to the track where a qualified racing driver will accompany you for four miles in a Mini Cooper S, teaching you the racing lines of the circuit stab showing you how to get the best out of your embassy drive. After the familiar silveration it’s time to climb into the energy for the drive of your life. With six miles in the unforgettable eat 360 Modena in front of you, the instructor will be by your side to ensure you get the most out of your drive. Th sit experience will leave you grinning from ear to ear for hours after.

Driving experience companies offer a wide range of supercars for you to drive, although most people choose to drive a enjoy, you can drive a Lamborghini, drive an Audi R8, drive a V8 Touring car, in fact you can drive just about any supercar you choose.


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