western Horse Saddle Bags

Western horse saddle bags have been present for a long time. Travelling on a horse will require you to bring gear and other essentials with you. There are many available styles of saddle bags which can be bought on the internet. There are horn bags, cantle bags, combo bags and bottle holders that can be bought. These bags are made from either canvas, nylon or leather materials. Leather is expensive while nylon is cheaper.
The customary standard is the leather saddle bag. They are available in different types of leather, depending on the thickness and grade. These bags are regarded highly because of their style and are made with intricate braiding and tooling. There are many nylon saddle bags sold but these do not last forever the way leather western horse saddle bags do. Those who are on a tight budget can buy the nylon saddlebag instead. However, there are also bags made of leather that are also affordable.
Western horse saddlebags come in different sizes. They have either tiny pockets or big storage bags. There is no standard size of a saddle bag but the common ones are 11 x 12 inches or 14 x 14 inches in size. They can have a rounded bottom or a square shape. They have flaps that can be closed by a Velcro, zipper, tie or buckle. There are saddle bags having a gusset which will expand so that more things can be placed inside. The modern ones are insulated to keep drinks and food cold.
A cantle bag is a pouch with zipper that has a contoured front so that it would fit the cantle’s back. It is fastened to the saddle using saddle strings. The cantle bag is made either of nylon or leather.
The horn bags are tiny saddlebags having a hole in the yoke’s center. This will allow it to be hanged on the horn of the saddle. They can have either one or a couple of pockets. Small possessions can be placed in them such as a cell phone, a camera, gloves and a few medicines. For these bags to prevent rubbing on the legs, it is best to purchase the small ones.
There are western horse saddle bags that serve as bottle holders. These have insulated pockets that can keep your bottled water or a beverage cold. There are also saddlebags that have their own compartments for bottles. Such a bottle holder is useful as riders always get thirsty during their trips.
There are also combo bags that have various compartments and carriers. They are designed to hold plenty of gears. Long distance riders and campers use these as they can carry their sleeping bag, blankets, clothes and other essentials. Usually, these types of bags are a combination of cantle bags and saddlebags.
Horse-back riding the Western style is an enjoyable pastime of many people these days. It is a relaxing and thrilling riding experience which would make one enjoy nature and the wilderness. The ride would not be complete without a western horse saddle bag present.


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